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Developing administrative support for teacher-leaders

Issue Addressed:

Developing administrative support for teacher-leaders


In the first year we had a staff development day for the principals of the thirty-two schools involved in the project. To get the principals involved immediately, the day began with a mathematics activity that could span the age groups of students in the project. This was followed with a discussion of TIMSS and the current milieu in mathematics education, including NCTM standards. An activity dealing with leadership development preceded lunch. Lunch was followed by another mathematics activity and then housekeeping matters dealing with expectations of the project, professional development opportunities for their teacher-leaders and for the remainder of the secondary faculties, and the leadership role that we needed the principals to play. In the second year we added the assistant principals who had responsibility for curriculum and/or mathematics and provided two day-long sessions so that both principal and assistant principal would not have to be off campus at the same time.

Unresolved Issues:

Dealing with changes at the administrative level at the school sites: how can we bring the new administrator up to speed?


Jack Price, 1/5/1998


Professional Development



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