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Educational Reform & Policy

Professional Development

Teaching and Learning

LSC Papers and Reports



The library contains over 500 articles of interest to leaders engaged in local systemic change. These papers have been organized under four major themes: Educational Reform and Policy, Professional Development, Teaching and Learning, and LSC Papers and Reports. This valuable archive of papers can be searched by title, author, publication, and date. We invite you to submit papers (or provide a URL to a paper already on the Web) by clicking on the "Post" icon above.

  • Educational Reform & Policy
    This area of the library contains papers about large-scale educational reform and policy efforts. Many address the current state of education from a national and state perspective and should be useful to all those interested in policy research and evaluation. The subcategories include: Systemic Reform, Math Reform, Science Reform, Technology Integration, Equity, International Focus/TIMSS, Standards, Assessment and Accountability, School Culture, and Public Engagement.
  • Professional Development
    Specifically, papers address the following subcategories: Promoting Change, Leadership, Content Knowledge, Careers, Pre-service, Curriculum, Teacher PD, and Administrator PD.
  • Teaching and Learning
    This area of the library contains papers that may be useful to teachers. These papers address the teaching and learning of Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Papers about Pedagogy and Student Assessment are also found here.
  • LSC Papers and Reports
    This area contains papers that are about LSC projects and evaluations of the LSC program. It also contains papers and presentations that have been authored by LSC members. The subcategories include: Cross Site Reports, LSC Case Study Reports, Papers and Presentations Authored by LSC Members, About LSC Initiatives and Their Impact, and Bibliographies.