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Professional development for school based Teacher Facilitators

Issue Addressed:

Professional development for school based Teacher Facilitators


Our model provides for district funded school based Teacher Facilitators (TF) who support classroom teachers as they implement inquiry based instruction in their classrooms. The TF's facilitate workshops as well. Professional development for this group is critical. In this our third year, we are collaborating with the Workshop Center of the City College of New York to provide eight (8) full days of professional development focusing on issues we have identified. These include a deeper look at inquiry and its implications for teaching and learning, assessing teacher progress, looking at, understanding and responding to children's work, and the integrated curriculum. In addition, sessions and study groups are held after school to provide TF's opportunities to reflect on their own practices.

Unresolved Issues:

We have seen how important the TF is to the Process. How do we build in a redundancy of leadership in the school so that the reform will be sustained?


Howard Nadler, 1/6/1998


Professional Development



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