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How to start a professional development session off on a...

Issue Addressed:

How to start a professional development session off on a positive note.


To compensate for the fact that our LSC covers 15 schools in 13 districts, we have a coordinating council that consists of a representative from each school. Their role is to facilitate professional development at their site and to serve as a communication link between their school, the project staff, and the other schools in the LSC. At our last meeting, we asked each representative to think of a success they had had at their site since our previous meeting. We then went around the room with each representative having a minute (timed) to tell their story. Hearing 15 minutes of uninterrupted successes was very encouraging and seemed to invigorate everyone present. We had our best meeting yet!

Unresolved Issues:

Will it work when we try it again or was it a one-shot wonder?


Laura Van Zoest, 1/8/1998


Professional Development



1. Laura, I am looking forward to meeting you. We use...