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It is difficult to maintain good communication in a large...

Issue Addressed:

It is difficult to maintain good communication in a large school district where people are separated not only by distance, but the mutual time required for collegial interaction. How do we keep everyone on the same page? How do we provide for rapid dissemination of new information.


The PRIME Page is a website that provides easy access to information about the PRIME Project. The site is located at: ~labuskes/prime/primepage.html Teachers can access training schedules, links to more information from the curriculum publishers, project goals and documents, and current news. There is also a page for parents to provide them with ideas for helping their students in standards based mathematics courses and links to parental resources. In addition, we have set up listserves for rapid, direct e-mailing of mathematics teachers which enable us to provide current information, search for materials, and provide for true collegial interaction.

Unresolved Issues:

Not all teachers are currently using e-mail or the World Wide Web. As participation in the network increases, the connectivity between teachers will increase in a geometric relationship.


Mary Lynn Raith, 1/8/1998


Program Management, Professional Development



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