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Teachers and administrators develop a personal list of attributes of...

Issue Addressed:

Teachers and administrators develop a personal list of attributes of a high quality, elementary science unit. Co-submitted with Dennis Schatz, Principal Investigator


Time to reflect on the attributes of quality science instruction is at a premium for most teachers. Building on the Interrater Reliability Training produced by HRI, we have developed three and six hour workshops where teachers and/or administrators have an opportunity to observe a variety of elementary science lessons. Observing video clips of classroom instruction that are in the public domain, workshop participants create a "Top Ten List" of attributes that must be present in a high quality, elementary science unit. They also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each lesson. Upon observation of each subsequent video clip, participants debate and refine their lists. Participants leave the workshop with a well-defined vision of a high quality science unit. They have had the opportunity to debate the issues through observation of actual classroom lessons taught by teachers they do not know. This allows for a free-flowing discussion of the issues.

Unresolved Issues:

1) It would be valuable to add a component where participants develop a lesson given their list of attributes, video tape it and make it available for similar debate. 2) Watching videos for three to six hours, even if the follow-up discussions are energized, can be tiring.


Cheryl Lydon, 1/9/1998


Professional Development



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