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K-6 Science Embedded Assessment System (SEAS)

Issue Addressed:

Student Assessment, Teacher Professional Development


The Fresno Science Office staff developed the SEAS (Science Embedded Assessment System), now in its 5th year. The program requires all 2,600 K-6 teachers from the district's 64 elementary sites to turn in at least 1 embedded assessment packet from one FOSS module each year. The assessment packets use the embedded assessments from the FOSS curriculum. In some cases the assessments were enhanced to reflect developmental appropriateness and validity. Scoring rubrics developed by lead teachers use a 1-4 rating to measure level of mastery to the key concepts in each module. Using an intricate system to assure reliability and validity, summer scoring institutes are held each summer to score the 80,000 student samples submitted. One of the most profound outcomes has been the ability of teachers to recognize student learning by examining extensively other student work. Responding to the great interest by other districts to use the SEAS, Fresno now offers a "Trainer of Trainers" institute for lead administrators and/or teachers. The institute will be held July 17 to 21, 2000, in Fresno. participants will have the opportunity to learn the process of scoring, calibrating, and assuring reliability. The institute will also include the "live" scoring of assessments. participation by teams from districts is encouraged to learn all necessary roles and how to develop their own SEAS. Although designed and ready to use for FOSS, districts using other programs can also learn how to devlop a specific SEAS for their own curriculum needs.

Unresolved Issues:


Yvonne Freve, 6/23/2000


Impact Of LSCs' Progress, Professional Development, Student Outcomes



1. This sounds fascinating. Is there a feedback loop between the...

2. There is continuous feedback from teachers during the scoring process...