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To share your strategies and materials, please post your own...

Issue Addressed:

At the Lessons Learned Conference held in North Carolina during the week of 1/ 13/02, this challenge was raised. The three different strategies that were discussed were: 1. Creating Conceptual Storylines that articulate how a lesson relates to a unit and how it aligns with standards and assessment. 2. Creating Implementation Handbooks that combine both pedagogical and content strategies for a unit. 3. Creating Concept Maps to connect activities to big ideas.


Several projects have done significant work in the above areas and in some instances have created resources connected to curricula that is being used widely across the LSCs. Some of the attendees suggested that it would be useful for LSCs who have material related to one of the above to send it to LSC-Net to be shared with the entire community.

Unresolved Issues:

To share your strategies and materials with the LSC community, please post your own nugget. Please remember to not only provide the "instrument" but some context as well. Tell us how you use it, how it was received, and what you think it has helped accomplish.


Joni Falk, 1/18/2002


Curriculum Implementation And Materials Support



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