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Project participants need up-to-date information on National Science Education Standards/Benchmarks...

Issue Addressed:

Project participants need up-to-date information on National Science Education Standards/Benchmarks and effective instructional practices


As project staff planned training activities, a decision was made to provide teachers with professional references such as books, booklets, and journal articles. The materials included information on constructivist learning, assessment, inquiry, and middle school organization and design. During the training, participants began carrying materials home, reading items at night, sharing with colleagues individually and in discussions, and requesting additional materials. The project staff recognized that by providing professional staff development materials and references, participants recognized their professional status as teachers and learners. Future workshops and institutes will be structured to continue the practice of providing materials. Where possible, materials will be sent ahead of time so that teachers may prepare, as desired.

Unresolved Issues:

Funds for professional development materials and references are in short supply.


Gerard F Consuegra, 1/12/1998


Professional Development



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