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The Bay Area Schools for Excellence in Education (BASEE) is...

Issue Addressed:

The Bay Area Schools for Excellence in Education (BASEE) is comprised of over 1800 teachers in 84 schools and 8 school districts. Tracking stipends, cost share and teacher hours, and maintaining accurate lists is a daunting task.


One of the Co-Principal Investigators developed a Microsoft Access relational database that is user-friendly and maintained by the Project Director's assistant. Tables include school data, teacher data, activity data and participation data. Each time a teacher attends an activity, a transaction record is created. These records are used to report hours and progress. We provide a monthly report to the districts that they use to provide stipends and to invoice the grant for the costs. Other reports include a directory of all schools and participants, a label-making report and a name-tag making report.

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Nancy Thomas, 1/13/1998


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