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Strategy for reaching more teachers within a system in meaningful...

Issue Addressed:

Strategy for reaching more teachers within a system in meaningful ways.


In our project, about one-fourth of the target teachers receive in-depth professional development which spans a period of three years. The model calls for each school to have two primary and two intermediate teachers in this leadership group. We are asking each of these teachers to identify a Science Associate, a colleague in their school who has relatively little experience with inquiry-centered science. The Science Associate accompanies the leadership teacher to academic year professional development classes led by the project staff and works with the leadership teacher in a peer teaching/mentoring situation in the school. In their classrooms, the pair often will team teach exemplary materials, with the mentor taking the lead. They plan together, discuss successes, and the experienced teacher increases his/her knowledge of science content and inquiry pedagogy while guiding the novice. Both teachers benefit personally and professionally from this personalized format of professional development.

Unresolved Issues:

How do we recruit more second-tier teachers to be Science Associates?


Susan Johnson, 1/14/1998


Professional Development



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