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MASE II project work is observed to have the greatest...

Issue Addressed:

MASE II project work is observed to have the greatest impact where administrators maintain the vision of best practices in science and mathematics, set the stage, make demands, facilitate leadership within the staff, and ensure curriculum resources are available and accessible.


MASE II project school administrators participate in 36 hours or more of leadership development. Session topics include but are not limited to establishing a vision of Standards-based teaching and learning, creating learning communities, supervision of teachers in the process of change, questioning strategies, and curriculum resources. They also have an open invitation to all professional development sessions available to teachers. Principals choose the sessions that match their needs. Successes, opportunities, and solutions are shared. Eight three-hour monthly sessions are provided each year. Administrator meetings also provide important learning opportunities for the MASE staff as administrators provide observations and feedback about what teachers say and do after participating in MASE sessions. Progress toward project goals is examined and next steps are shaped in a collegial atmosphere. Common experiences and honest exchanges move the work forward.

Unresolved Issues:

Administrators' time is consumed with a variety of tasks that can limit their roles as instructional leaders. Can priorities be reorganized? Is there value in empowering teacher leadership teams to support and sustain reform? How might this work?


Linda Gregg, 1/15/1998


Professional Development



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