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How do those of us who lead LSC projects learned...

Issue Addressed:

How do those of us who lead LSC projects learned all the new things weare expected to share with our participants? Also, how do we expand our teacher leaders' views of themselves as eduactors of their colleagues?


The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)is holding its second annual meeting January 29-31 in Pomona, CA (the east end of LA County where it is warm). You are invited to check out the program at Please fax your registration form to the AMTE office ASAP. You can pay later. The program begins with an Algebraic thinking Symposium sponsored by the Exxon Education Foundation on Thursday evening and follows with two days of sessions. TAASC is sending members of both our Teachers' and District advisory committees (TAC and DAC) to the conference to broaden their perspectives on their roles.

Unresolved Issues:

How do we foster continued professional development for both us and our teacher leaders?


Judith E Jacobs, 1/16/1998


Professional Development



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