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What would be an effective model for professional development that...

Issue Addressed:

What would be an effective model for professional development that emulates constructivist-based instruction?


Professional development activities for LSC projects are presumably to promote inquiry-based and constructivist-based instruction. Project staff may benefit from considering a variety of models. The following model came to mind during the PI/Evaluator's conference, 1/15/98 - 1/17/98 and is submitted as a way of organizing and designing activities: - Observe effective/ineffective teaching (video tapes, demo teaching) -Discuss each and identify key elements of each - In small groups, reflect on lessons that are currently being taught or lessons that will be taught as part of new curriculum implementation - Begin modifying plans and teaching practices and discuss these plans with others - Implement changes in the classroom - Reconvene as a group and debrief new practices

Unresolved Issues:

The model is theoretical and needs testing. For example, what would be the timeframe for the model and what would be the source of model lessons?


Gerard F Consuegra, 1/17/1998


Professional Development



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