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How can the effect of the LSC project on student...

Issue Addressed:

How can the effect of the LSC project on student outcomes be measured?


Our project is beginning to collect data on student outcomes in two ways: 1. Establishing baseline data through the use of standardized tests that have provided data for the past several years. These tests have been aligned with state and national standards in science so that test results can be interpreted in these terms and used as a baseline. 2. Performance assessments are being developed for those kits that are common to all the districts that contibute to our partnership. Common rubrics will be developed that can measure progress across all districts.

Unresolved Issues:

Baseline data is only available for those districts that have been using a standardized test for science in grades K-6. How can we establish a broader baseline?


Edward Nartowitz, 2/13/1998


Student Outcomes



1. This is an interesting note. I hope you post to...