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Discussion: A system within a system: How has the pedagogical stance of your LSC been influenced by your state/local context?

dates: 10/31/2000 - 11/30/2000
description: In this discussion we will explore your perceptions as to what extent the LSCs are shaped by a similar pedagogical vision and to what extent they are united by structural commonalities such as reaching at least 100 teachers and providing 130 hours. Since we all work within a local context, with Federal, State and Local politics weighing in on education reform, we are all subject to the visions of other constituents in addition to the vision spelled out within our initial LSC proposal. How has your LSC incorporated or opposed these visions? How do these pressures differ for those of us in different states? When we speak of "systemic reform" we must be aware that we are a system within a system within a system. With this in mind, it will be interesting to also address how you feel your LSCs will be affected, if at all, by the upcoming election? This is a conversation that each of you can contribute to, and it promises to be quite rich, being that it will begin before the election and end three weeks after we know the results.
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10/31/00 - 06:59 Starting the conversation Falk, Joni
11/01/00 - 12:43 The California Accountability System Valadez, Jerry
11/02/00 - 04:30 high accountability Falk, Joni
11/03/00 - 09:02 NC and testing Broadway, Everly
11/08/00 - 10:17 Re: high accountability Paulin, Gail
11/09/00 - 10:43 Continuing the Dialogue on Assessment: Falk, Joni
11/09/00 - 10:50 The Election Falk, Joni
11/09/00 - 09:56 The Election Bohlin, Carol Fry
11/12/00 - 10:07 Systems-Responses- Gregg, Linda
11/15/00 - 09:29 The effects of high stakes tests Falk, Joni
11/16/00 - 03:02 Re: The effects of high stakes tests PGustafs
11/17/00 - 08:45 Accountability - a view from Seattle Allen, Ethan
11/17/00 - 10:13 "The Case Against Higher Standards" Falk, Joni
12/01/00 - 10:43 Closing the discussion Falk, Joni