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Discussion: From Professional Development to Student Outcomes

dates: 2/4/1998 - 4/22/1998
description: This was a multifaceted discussion running from February to April of 1998; it invited evaluators as well as PIs, Co-PIs and lead staff to take part. We began by examining the link between professional development and increased student learning. This discussion enabled us to discuss this complex issue both from the viewpoint of those of us who are designing and conducting professional workshops as well by those of us who are trying to assess, ascertain, and prove the connection. This conversation provided both an opportunity to share effective evaluation practices as well as to delve into deep issues of values vis-a-vis education and its purpose.

Read the Discussion Summary. (It can also be read in the archives.)

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02/14/98 - 11:33 Welcome Drayton, Brian
02/17/98 - 07:35 link betw. prof. dev. & outcomes depends on the to... McCary, Mack
03/02/98 - 06:32 Professional development to student outcomes Box, Bob
03/03/98 - 06:34 curr.materials don't equal inquiry McCary, Mack
03/04/98 - 02:26 Student Achievement Nadler, Howard
03/04/98 - 11:32 Some thoughts on the interim links... St. John, Mark
03/05/98 - 02:53 PD to student outcomes to PD Raghavan, Kalyani
03/12/98 - 07:33 Models of teacher change? Drayton, Brian
03/12/98 - 11:43 linking pd to student outcomes Chval, Kathryn
03/14/98 - 08:05 what changes in classroom practice with pd Raghavan, Kalyani
03/27/98 - 09:06 Questions so far --what say you? Drayton, Brian
03/29/98 - 01:41 Is it political science or practical science? Raghavan, Kalyani
04/23/98 - 10:51 Reflections St. John, Mark
04/23/98 - 02:48 summary and farewell Drayton, Brian