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Assessment in the Service of Standards-Based Teaching

John Falco (Principal Investigator)
Audrey Champagne (Co-Principal Investigator)
Janet Briggs (Project Director)
Susan Malinowski (Project Director)
Yvonne Freve (Evaluator)
Teruni de Silva Lamberg (Evaluator)
Thomas Thompson (Evaluator)
Neal Golden (Evaluator)
Pat Bower (Evaluator)
Phillip White (Evaluator)
Sigrin Newell (Evaluator)
Linda Morris (Lead Staff)
Terri O'Brien (Lead Staff)
Vicky Kouba (Lead Staff)
Susan Sherwood (Support Staff)
Ozlem Cezikturk (Support Staff)
Stacey Sebert (Support Staff)
Mary Van Benschoten (Support Staff)
Eileen O'Connor (Support Staff)
Edward Mooney
John Anderson
Fadia Hark
Paul Johnson
Paul Scampini
M. Young
George Seymour
Susan Malinowski
Math, Science
Elementary, Middle School
Urban, Suburban
The professional development program for teachers includes the use of formative assessment in the service of teaching.Assessment is recognized not only as a means to measure student achievement but also as a vehicle for effective science education reform.

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Assessment in the Service of Standards-Based Teaching: Goals and Objectives of the CRSEP Initiative

Capital Region Science Education Partnership (CRSEP) Summer 2001 Workshop