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LSC Project Info

Valle Imperial Mathematics K-8 Local Systemic Change Project

Michael Klentschy (Principal Investigator)
Leslie Garrison (Co-Principal Investigator)
Royce Page (Project Director)
Lois Bloom (Lead Staff)
Rosa DeLeon (Lead Staff)
Carol Fisher (Lead Staff)
Mercedes Duron-Flores (Lead Staff)
Gregorio Ponce (Lead Staff)
Sandra Burgos
Michael Klentschy
Elementary, Middle School
- $5.7 million, K-8 Teacher Enhancement Program.

- Provides for up to 130 hours of professional development per participant over 5 years.

- Blends into a seamless program of teacher professional development (SB1331, CRMSE Content Modules, Math Renaissance Leadership Development, Governor's Math Initiative).

- Focus on deeper content understanding and appropriate pedagogy linked to standards-based materials.

- Provides for an assessment strand which focuses on student work as the centerpiece (MSU).

- Provides for summer institutes with limited out of class time for professional development during the school year.

- Districts can also use any of the three state funded professional days.

- Provides for site-based after school follow-up to reduce travel time.

- Provides for initial and on-going development of a county-wide group of teacher leaders (40-50).

- Provides for principal and other administrator professional development strand designed to deepen their own content understanding and classroom supervision skills.

- Provides for districts to receive $100 per day per participant reimbursement.

- Redesigns preservice by strengthening math content, methods and student teaching.

- Provides opportunities for teachers to earn a masters degree in Mathematics Education.

- Provides opportunities for teachers to receive training for supplementary standards-based instructional materials.

- Provides for distance learning to be used as a teacher enhancement resource.

- Provides a strong research component to monitor student progress and document best practices.

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