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LSC Project Info

Gadsden Mathematics Initiative

Yvonne Lozano (Principal Investigator)
Wanda Guzman (Co-Principal Investigator)
Mel Morgan (Evaluator)
Cathy Kinzer (Evaluator)
Elementary, Middle School
Submitted under the guidelines for "Local Systemic Change through Teacher Enhancement," this five-year project has as its goal to systemically guide professional growth for every elementary and middle school mathematics teacher in the district through professional development, team planning and collaboration, and collegial coaching. The project -- a partnership between New Mexico State University and Gadsden Independent School District -- develops a sustainable school and community base to support the implementation of curriculum and instruction aligned with New Mexico Education Standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum and Professional Development Standards. The 1,200 square mile district lies along the border of New Mexico and Mexico and serves about 13,000 students. There are twelve elementary schools and three middle schools. More than 50% of the students experience English language deficiencies. Ninety-two percent of the students are of Latino/Hispanic origin. Approximately 94% of the students qualify for the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program. The school drop-out rate, as early as middle school, is high. Nine of the twelve elementary schools and all three middle schools will be on probationary status as over 75% of the students scored below Proficient on the state mandated test. The project provides 130 hours of formal professional development as summer institutes and academic year follow-up. The elementary grades will use "Investigations in Number, Data and Space" while the middle grades will use "Connected Mathematics." There are 450 teachers in the district.