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Hard Questions About Practice

author: Richard F. Elmore
description: "People who work in schools do not pay attention to the connection between how they organize and manage themselves and how they take care of their own and their students' learning. The structure and resources of the organization are like wallpaper-after living with the same wallpaper for a certain number of years, people cease to see it. ...most educators in the schools I visit these days believe that they are engaged in enlightened reform. They have grade-level teams and common preparation periods, use some form of external guidance or standards to make curriculum decisions, and adopt models designed to increase their knowledge of good practice. But these measures have had little or no effect on the schools' ability to do the important work of student and adult learning. These practices don't succeed because the people in the organization don't know why they are doing them."

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published in: Educational Leadership (ASCD) (ASCD - Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)
published: 05/02/2002
posted to site: 06/07/2002