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Summer Workshop Plans


Summer Workshop Agenda

submitter: Hands-On Activity Science Program
published: 09/03/1998
posted to site: 09/03/1998

Professional Development Offered for HASP LSC Districts
Summer 1998

The following table outlines the workshops to to conducted by TIRs/consultants/UAH staff for HASP LSC districts. All workshops will begin at 8:30 AM and end at 3:30 PM.

Workshop Date Site Led by Goals
Concept Development
  • Develop scientific reasoning ability
  • Develop conceptual understanding of science
Wood June 1-2 WH202 Sue Gunter
Belinda Lowery
Dorothy Moore
Paul Bookout
Science concepts: density, buoyancy, change, flexibility/strength
Solids and Liquids June 4-5 MH122 Ros Pressnell
Pat Smith
Richard Modlin
Science concepts: heat, miscibility, vicosity, solubility
Balancing/Weighing June 18-19 WH202 Ros Pressnell
Carol Mueller
Don Wallace
Science concepts: variables that effect balance, stability, weighing
Sound June 4-5 WH202 Mary Harris
Arlene Childers
John Wright
Science concepts: correlation of frequency and pitch, sound travels
Electricity June 4-5 WH129 Sue Gunter
Brenda Terry
Carol Strong
Science concepts: current and woltage measurements of series and parallel circuits and electromagnets, motors as users and generators of electricity
Floating and Sinking June 15-16 WH202 Linda Burns
Debbie Easley
David Elrod
Science concepts: variables that effect floating (shape, displacement, weight, volume, liquid)
Webpage development June 15, 16, 25, 26 & Aug 4 Decatur PTC Sharyl Nye
  • Websites for 2 modules per grade level will be created. One module website will correspond to the identified physical science module at each grade level. Preliminary plans may be viewed at
*Stanford9/ Module Analysis July 8 Bevill 267 & 268/269 Linda Burns
Arlene Childers
Sue Gunter
Mary Harris
Belinda Lowery
Ros Pressnell
Linda Sanders
  • Teachers will become comfortable with their coverage of Stanford 9 objectives
  • Teachers will practice analyzing test data and understand how to repeat the process
  • Teachers will learn how to identify strengths and weaknesses of their classroom and the children in their classroom
  • Teachers will link the Stanford 9 objectives with HASP modules
  • Teachers will develop a plan to incorporate Stanford 9 objectives with HASP
*Assessment LT track
1) Curriculum Analysis
2) Prep for piloting portfolios
1) July 9
2) July10
1) Bevill 268/269
2) Bevill 268/269
Mary Harris
Linda Burns
Sue Gunter
  • Identify grade level learning goals for science modules
  • Prepare teachers to pilot portfolios
  • Identify portfolio components that provide evidence of student comprehension of scientific concepts and reasoning ability
*Questioning LT track
1) Questioning
2) Prep for practicing questioning
1) July9
2) July10
1) Bevill 267
2) Bevill 267
Arlene Childers
Ros Pressnell
Belinda Lowery
  • Assist teachers in developing question strategies that lead to student conceptual understanding and reasoning ability
  • Prepare teachers to practice using questioning strategies in their classroom to broaden student understanding
Designing assessment plans July 14-16 WH202 Mary Harris
Linda Burns
  • Prepare an assessment plan for identified physical science modules that will measure conceptual understand in reasoning ability
*Preparation for facilitating follow-up workshops Aug 5 UC 126 Karen Worth
  • Prepare identified teachers for their role as facilitators of PD follow-up sessions in their district

* Designates that lunch will be provided.