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California to use new science standards

submitter: Bay Area Schools for Excellence in Education
published: 11/04/1998
posted to site: 11/05/1998
California to use new science standards
by the Associated Press, Oct 7, 1998

This article discusses how California's new science standards, which will emphasize textbook learning at the expense of hands-on inquiry, are being met with resistance. In an interview, Jan Hustler, Project Director of the BASEE LSC, states, "We're concerned the standards and assessments that follow [the low scores by US students on TIMSS] may cause districts to change what they're doing and move back to a textbook-based program that teaches more subjects in less depth. We feel that turns off students and does not engage them." The article describes an inquiry based 4th grade science class and concludes by asking those students if they like science and why. "'I like to explore things...I want to be smart,' and 'Cause it's fun,'" where the responses of the students.