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Annual Overview

submitter: Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project
published: 01/28/1999
posted to site: 01/28/1999

The Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project (GPSMP)
Annual Report to the National Science Foundation

By Joseph Merlino

Part I. Overview

The Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project is a five year effort to: 1) provide sustained high quality professional development to 600 middle and high school mathematics teachers in any one of ten NSF validated reform curricula, 2) provide high quality professional development in A.P. Statistics, Harvard Reform Calculus, The Geometer's Sketchpad, and graphing calculators which complement these reform curricula, 3) provide classroom follow-up mentoring to teachers in training, 4) provide logistical and public relations assistance to schools undergoing systemic change, and 5) contribute to a standards-based change culture in the Greater Philadelphia region at the school district and classroom level.

During the previous five and one half months, a total of 5,504 hours of professional development in-service instruction in 10 different courses were provided to 144 different secondary mathematics teachers from 22 different Cohort 1 GPSMP schools and another 5 potential Cohort 2 schools.

In addition, through a cooperative arrangement with the Philadelphia Urban Systemic Initiative (PHUSI), another 55 Philadelphia high school mathematics teachers from PHUSI schools participated in 2,380 hours of GPSMP-sponsored professional development.