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Summer Workshop Plans


ASSET Summer Workshop Agenda

submitter: Asset Teacher Enhancement Program
published: 05/26/1999
posted to site: 05/26/1999
How long do your workshops last?

Our workshops vary in time. The June 17th workshops each last 3 hours. June 25th workshop is 6 hours. June 28 - July 2 is 6 hours each day. July 7 workshop is 3 hours. August 2 - 6 is ASSET Leadership Conference where participants are cloistered, therefore, days are longer. Closer to 8 hours/day. August 13 workshop is 3 hours, except for Magnets and Motors, Measuring Time, and Experiments with Plants which are 6 hours. August 27 workshop is 3 hours each.

How many teachers do you involve in your workshops?

The number of teachers per session varies. We will conduct sessions of 5 to 25 teachers, depending on how many teachers need trained.

What are your major goals for your workshops in terms of content and pedagogy? (Just one or two paragraphs)

The major goals for the "Titled" workshops, those that are STC and FOSS modules are for teachers to be comfortable teaching the module for the first time. They need to follow the learning cycle inherent in the modules and have some idea as to what to do with the materials and how to use Cooperative Learning techniques. These are scheduled for June 17, July 7, August 13, and August 27.

The goals for the other workshops are for teachers who are familiar with the module materials and teaching techniques but who are interested in science content and inquiry. These goals are specifically for the workshops scheduled for June 25, the week of June 28, and the week of August 2, 1999.

Are you offering professional development on specific curricula that you are hoping will be used in the classroom? If so, which curricula are you using?

We use the Science and Technology for Children from Carolina Biological Supply Company and Full Option Science Systems from Lawrence Hall of Science as our two major sets of curricula materials. These are the materials our teachers are using in the classrooms.


June 17, 1999
Regional Training Session
Held at: Moon Area School District
Module Specific Training on Air & Weather, Changes, Rocks & Minerals, Measurement, Levers & Pullys, Food & Nutrition, Trees, Pebbles Sand & Silt, Ideas & Inventions, Electric Circuits, Variables, Solar Energy.

June 25, 1999
Peety Friday
Life Sciences Training
Held at Duquesne University
Content Training on Microworlds

June 28 - July 2, 1999
Duquesne University & ASSET Summer Science Institute
Held at Duquesne University
Indepth content & inquiry-based workshop that has been designed to assist the participants in developing a deeper and richer understanding of the concepts associated with the Earth science strand and related modules.

July 7, 1999
Regional Training Session
Location to be determined
Module specific training on Weather, Organisms, Life Cycle of Butterflies, Balance & Weighing, Plant Growth & Development, Balance & Motion, Land & Water, Microworlds, Models & Designs, Magnets & Motors, Mixtures & Solutions.

August 2 -6, 1999
ASSET Leadership Conference
Sessions are in development for Trainers, Teacher Leaders, Principals/Administrators, Materials Wranglers.

August 13, 1999
Regional Training Session
South Fayette Elementary School
Module specific training on Solids & Liquids, Insects, Soils, New Plants, Physics of Sound, Sound, Human Body, Ecosystems, Magnets & Motors, Measuring Time, Experiments with Plants.

August 27, 1999
Regional Training Session
McKeesport Area School District
Module specific training on Animals 2X2, Trees, Weather, Solids & Liquids, Balancing & Weighing, Life Cycle of Butterflies, Magnetism & Electricity, Plant Growth & Development.

Tentative Schedule for the 1999 ASSET Leadership Conference
"Enduring Learnings"
August 2-6, 1999

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:30-8:30   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:30-10:00     Assessment Part 1
Inquiry Part 1
(Inquiry Focus Group)
Content for Life, Earth, Chemistry, & Physical Science
(Trainers & Ambassadors)
(Principals' Focus Group)
Integrating Science
Guiding Principles of Learning
NFL Draft
(Trainers, SOS members, & Administrators)
10:00-10:15     Break Break Break Break
10:15-11:30   Orientation Session Part 1
Assessment Part 2
Inquiry Part 2
(Inquiry Focus Group)
Content Sessions continued A.M. Sessions Continued East Meets West: What Inquiring Minds Want to Know About Enduring Learnings (All)
Lunch           Awards Luncheon
1:00-3:00 (Break from 2:15-2:30)   Orientation Session Part 2
ASSET Project Evaluation
Kalyani and team
(SOS Members and Trainers)
Assessment Part 3

Orientation Session
Roles & Inquiry Foundation

Repeat of Content Sessions
(Trainers & Ambassadors)
A.M. sessions continued
Content Think Tank
3:30-3:45   Break Break Break Break  
3:30-5:00 Staff & Monday Presenters Orientation Orientation Session Part 3
P.M. sessions continued P.M. session continued 3:30
Golf Tournament & Open Exploration
5:00-6:30   Open Open Open Open  
6:30-8:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner  
8:00-9:00   Entertainment Coalition Sharing? SOS Meeting
MARS presentation