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Summer Workshop Plans


MIPS Summer Workshop Agenda

submitter: Redefining, Reforming, and Enriching Mathematics Instruction through Problem Solving, K-* (MIPS Project)
published: 07/21/1999
posted to site: 07/23/1999
Redefining, Reforming, and Enriching Mathematics Instruction through Problem Solving, K-* (MIPS Project)

How long do your workshops last?

Our workshops are from 3 to 5 days in length.

How many teachers do you involve in your workshops?

Two hundred plus teachers participated in our first workshop session this summer. From there, we had 50+ in the second session, and 25+ in our CMP workshops for 6th - 8th grade teachers.

What are your major goals for your workshops in terms of content and pedagogy? (Just one or two paragraphs)

This year, we have offered three major workshops:

  1. Math Trailblazers Workshops
  2. Trailblazers Teacher Leader Workshops
  3. CMP or Connected Math Project Workshops


  1. Math Trailblazers Workshops
    K-5 teachers and administrators in the five districts of the MIPS Project attended Math Trailblazers Academies at two different locations in June. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company provided presenters (classroom teachers) for each grade level who used the Math Trailblazers Program during the four day workshops.

    The major goals were:

    • To aid teachers in understanding and using the new reform based curriculum.
    • To build teachers' confidence in using this program
    • To create a risk free environment for teachers that model the classroom environment that is conducive to the development of students' mathematical power.
    • To engage teachers in worthwhile tasks that promote communication and problem-solving.
    • To encourage teachers to reflect on their own teaching and to share activities and assessments that can be used to assess students' progress.

  2. Trailblazers Teacher Leaders
    Trailblazers Teacher Leaders from seventeen schools in the five districts have developed Trailblazers Matrices that indicate the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Goals that are taught in Math Trailblazers units. These teacher leaders will provide training for new and untrained teachers in the use of Math Trailblazers starting July 30.

    Schedule follows:

    July 30th -- Gates County Teachers
    August 3rd -- Washington County Teachers
    August 5th -- Hyde County Teachers
    August 11th -- Camden & Elizabeth City/Pasquotank Teachers

  3. CMP - Connected Math Project Workshops
    CMP Workshops were held in three sessions (1) Three day planning for eight teacher leaders who conducted the workshops; (2) 1 week Academy for sixteen teachers grades 6-8 who had not attended a previous session during the summer and (3) Three day Advanced Academy for 6-8 grade teachers who have used CMP in their classrooms.

    The major goals for the CMP workshops:

    Teacher Leader Training

    • Work through connected math problems and other similar problem types
    • Plan and discuss Academy sessions
    • Talk about the book "Sharing Your Good Ideas," a helpful tool in preparing and conducting Academy sessions.

    New Teacher Academy

    • Give teachers hands-on experience using CMP modules
    • Experience the CMP teaching model: Launch, Explore, Summarize
    • Provide feedback from teachers who have used modules on students' responses to problem types.

    Advanced CMP Academy

    • Discuss different problem types and student responses
    • Choose several problems to be tried during the school year with students
    • Create a discussion forum via the Internet.
Are you offering professional development on specific curricula that you are hoping will be used in the classroom? If so, which curricula are you using?

Yes, Trailblazers and CMP (Connected Math Project)

The MIPS Workshop Schedule

NC LEAs: Camden, Gates, Hyde, Washington & Elizabeth City/Pasquotank

June 16, 17, 18 & 21

9am to 4pm
Math Trailblazers Workshop
Pasquotank Elementary
Elizabeth City, NC

June 22-25th

Math Trailblazers Workshop
Pines Elementary
Plymouth, NC

June 15-17

CMP Teacher Leader Training
River Road Middle School
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

June 28-July 2

CMP Academy for 6th-8th Gr. Teachers
River Road Middle School
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

June 30 -July 2

Advanced CMP Academy for 6th-8th Gr. Teachers
River Road Middle School
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

July 6-7, 1999

CGI Problem Writing
Central Elementary School
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

July 7-9, 1999

Trailblazer Teacher Leader Meeting
"to develop pacing guides"
Central Elementary
Elizabeth City, NC 27909