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Summer Workshop Plans


MARS Summer Workshop Agenda

submitter: Mathematics: Applications and Reasoning Skills (MARS)
published: 10/14/1999
posted to site: 10/15/1999
How long do your workshops last?

The agenda was adjusted to 10 days instead of 15 days (which we had in the prior summer '98). We did this by eliminating the summer school for children.

We made this decision because of the scale of this summer in-service program. There were 5 cohorts of teachers; each cohort attended a 10-day session that was grade level specific. We started a new cohort every 5 days from June 17 through July 23 as well as running 10 days in August (Cohort 1: June 17 - June 30; cohort 2: June 24 - July 9; Cohort 3: July 1 - July 16; Cohort 4: July 12 - July 23; Cohort 5: August 2 - August 13). In every cohort we ran each of the six grade-level sections (actually we were running 4 sections of each grade during June and July).

How many teachers do you involve in your workshops?

This summer our workshops were attended by 1627 teachers! If a teacher attended every day, he/she had 60 hours of teacher enhancement.

What are your major goals for your workshops in terms of content and pedagogy? (Just one or two paragraphs)

Our goals did not change from last year.

Are you offering professional development on specific curricula that you are hoping will be used in the classroom? If so, which curricula are you using?

We have a district curriculum guide and this year are using McGraw Hill "Math in My World" and "Investigations" as tools to implement the curriculum.