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Summer Workshop Plans


DESERT Project: Summer Leadership Institute 2002


Leadership Institute 2002 Workshop: The DESERT Project

Submitted by: Gail Paulin, Co-PI


  • July 22-25
  • For first year schools
  • Leadership teams including site science facilitator and principal
  • 30 hrs for 27 schools
  • 190 participants


  • The opportunity to create a collective vision of effective science education through first hand experiences, review of best practices, dialogue and reflection
  • An opportunity to create an action plan for implementation of effective science at their sites
published: 08/08/2002
posted to site: 08/08/2002
Day 1 - Setting the Vision for Science Literacy
Welcome All
Team Building, Ice Breaker
8:45-10:00 Hands On/Minds On
Purpose: To participate in a HandsOn/MindsOn science experience.
10:00-10:15 Break
10:15-11:00 Vision Setting: The National Science Standards
Purpose: To introduce National Science Standards and provide an overview of the vision of an inquiry based science curriculum.
11:00-12:00 Building a Collective Vision
Purpose: To investigate elements of student learning that are supported and promoted by inquiry-based instruction.
Lunch Mexican Buffet
Speaker: Becky Montano
Building a Collective Vision (continued)
2:15-3:30 Professional Development Opportunities & Cohort 3 Reflections (w/break)
Purpose: To share Professional Development Opportunities available to Cohort 3 teachers.
3:30-4:00 Graphic Vision
Reflective Feedback Day 1
***Refer to Practice Profile within sessions
Day 2 - Laying the Foundation for Science Literacy
8:00 - 10:00
Creating a Climate for Hands On Science
Purpose: To share strategies and techniques for creating a classroom environment that is supportive of inquiry based science.
10:00 - 10:15 Break
Overview of Breakout Sessions: Supporting Structures
Supporting Structures Necessary for Science Literacy
Purpose: To experience varied opportunities to strengthen understanding of supporting structures necessary in bringing about science literacy for students.
Ironwood A. Parent and University Connections (Joan and Rachel)
(2 Pocket Fold book & Article)
Description: Participants will explore how teachers and parents can be supported in deepening science literacy for all students.
Ocotillo B.Principal and Facilitator as Leaders at your Site (Sharyn & Gail)

Description: Participants will look at how, as leaders, to best support our teachers and sites in sustaining the vision of effective science for students.
Acacia C. Math & Science Connections (Joe & Joel)
Description: Participants will discover how the processes of science and math are interrelated.
Cholla D. Formative Assessment in Science (Margaret & Marie)
(Stapleless notebook & article)
Description: Using district adopted curriculum, teachers will investigate assessment strategies that will help them know what students understand.
Starlight E. Literacy Connections to Science (Toni & Alice)
Description: Participants will explore how science and literacy connect to promote effective learning.
Mesquite F. Science Curriculum and Standards (LaVonne & Marleen)
Description: Teachers will discuss how the district science CORE curriculum fulfills state standards and district performance objectives.
11:45 - 12:30
Add Supporting Structures to Graphic Vision
12:30 - 1:15Brown Bag Lunch
1:15 - 3:45
Breakout (w/break)
Grade Level Curriculum D FOSS Components & practice profile
Purpose: To demonstrate how effective use of adopted science curriculum will move teachers toward best practices.
StarlightKinder Toni & Joel - Balls and Ramps
Cottonwood1stJoan & CATTS - New Plants
Saguaro2ndMargaret & Marie - Air & Weather
Cholla3rdSharyn & Alice - Water
Mesquite4thLaVonne & Gail - Structures of Life
Acacia5thMarleen & Joe - Landforms
Reflective Feedback Form Day 2 (do in breakout room)
Day 3 - Deepening the Foundation for Scientific Literacy
Add Grade Level Curriculum to Graphic Vision
8:30-8:35Review Rooms for Breakout: Spiraling concepts
Spiraling Concepts in Science Curriculum
Purpose: To explore the connections of conceptual development within the Science Core Curriculum.
MesquiteFabric Kit:Marie & CATTS
ChollaSolids and Liquids: Toni & Margaret
RosewoodWater Kit: LaVonne & CATTS (Investigation 1)
SagewoodWater Kit: Joan & Sharyn (Investigation 4)
AcaciaLandforms Kit: Marleen & Joe
starlightMS : Alice & Joel
IronwoodPrincipals Session: Gail
  1. Use notebooks: Question, observation & data, conclusion-what I learned
  2. Post concepts on enlarged conceptual storyline
  3. Share Steele video
  4. Hand out Storyline
Process Spiraling Concepts
  • Make Gathering Journal
  • Add to Graphic Vision
11:15-11:20Move to Ballroom
11:20 -11:50
Video: "Who Moved my Cheese?"
11:50-1:00Lunch with Guest Speaker - CBAM awareness (Elisabeth)
Site Profile Review & Action Plan
Purpose: To identify strengths, prioritize areas of need, and create a 2 year Science Action Plan for the site.
  • Review Site Profile Data charts or sheets
  • Create a 2-year Action Plan using the Graphic Vision
  • Select a Leadership Team, designate roles, and schedule meeting dates
  • Dates for Science Kit Conversations
3:45- 4:00
Reflective Feedback Form Day 3
***Refer to Practice Profile within sessions
Day 4 - Implementation of Science Literacy
8:00 -11:15
Inquiry and the Inquiry Continuum (include break)
Purpose: To deepen understanding of the inquiry process and its relationship to the CORE Curriculum
  • Inquiry Standard
  • Inquiry Investigation
  • Inquiry Discussion
  • Inquiry and Questions
  • Inquiry Video
  • Inquiry Article
  • Add to Graphic Vision
11:15 -11:30
Video - Power of Vision: Part 1
11:30 - 1:00Lunch & Guest Speaker - MaryBelle McCorkle
Site PD: Pre-service and Professional Development Planning
Purpose: To share relevant site components of the Leadership Institute with the faculty . To dialogue about a structure to support ongoing Professional Development at the site.
3:15-3:30Reflective Feedback Form Day 4
Institute Closure: Vision Video
Home Room Sessions
  • Hands on/Minds on
  • Vision Setting
  • Building A Collective Vison
  • PD Opportunities & Cohort 3 Share Out
  • Creating Graphic Vision
  • Creating a Climate for Hands On Science
  • Processing Supporting Structures for Science Literacy
  • Processing Grade Level Curriculum
  • Processing Spiraling Concepts & creating gathering journal
  • Site Profile Data Discussion & Action Plan
  • Inquiry and the Inquiry Continuum
  • PD: Preservice and Wednesday PD
Individual Sessions (BreakOut)
  • Supporting Structures Necessary for Science Literacy (LSC Strands)
  • Grade Level Curriculum
  • Spiraling Concepts
Other items CT's individually responsible for:
  • Team Building Activity for Day 1
  • Cohort 3Teachers to present at PD Session (Day 1)
  • Compilation of Practice Profile data for each participant. These need to be copied and placed with the Practice Profile in each participant's folder.