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Literature for Science and Mathematics: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve

description: "The site's searchable database contains over 1,400 outstanding selections of literature recommended for children and adolescents related to the study of natural sciences and mathematics content. CDE coordinated the two-year development with the assistance of many California science and mathematics teachers, library media teachers employed by public schools and public libraries, administrators, curriculum planners, and parents. This new list updates an earlier document, Literature for Science and Mathematics: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve, published by CDE in 1993. The new list is more comprehensive and expands reading options for all students. Many of the selected titles provide opportunities for standards-based instruction in science and mathematics. Works include fiction and nonfiction to accommodate a variety of interests and abilities. The new collection of titles also includes over 150 selections of high quality literature written in Spanish."
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published: 2002
posted to site: 12/05/2002