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The George Lucas Educational Foundation's Instructional Modules Home Page

description: The George Lucas Education Foundation (GLEF) has just published "Assessment," the third in its series of on-line instructional modules developed by education faculty and professional developers.

This module contains resources on assessment that may be useful to your LSC. The module includes articles, video footage, a PowerPoint presentation, and class activities. It draws from GLEF's archives of best practices and it correlates with ISTE/NCATE NETS standards. This "Assessment" module is meant for use either after completion of the Project-Based Learning" module (another on-line module published by GLEF) or with participants who are familiar with project-based learning. The module is divided into two parts. The first part, "Guided Process," gives a brief introduction to assessment and and it includes a slide show that can be downloaded or used from this Web site. The second part, "Group Participation," includes suggested readings and activities for experiential, project-based learning.

The "Assessment" module and other on-line instructional modules published by GLEF including, "Project-Based Learning" and "View of the Principal and the Job," can be accessed using the link provided below.

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posted to site: 12/12/2002