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NASA's Educator-Astronaut Program

description: "An Educator Astronaut is a fully qualified member of NASA’s Astronaut Corps who has an expertise in K-12 education. Educator Astronauts will be trained to perform all of the functions and responsibilities (space walks, International Space Station deployment, experiment management, etc.) that the Agency’s Mission Specialist astronauts are qualified to perform. For the first time, NASA is recruiting individuals with specific experience and expertise in K-12 education. NASA is looking for the Educator Astronauts to help lead the Agency in the development of new ways to connect space exploration with the classroom, and to inspire the next generation of explorers."

Find out more about this program using the link below. This Web site requires 'Flash' which you can easily install from the site. You may also click the "Text Version" link at the bottom of their home page.

URL link:
published: January 2003
posted to site: 01/31/2003