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Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME)

description: CESAME is a dynamic multisector partnership between the National Science Foundation, Northeastern University, federal and state agencies, and public and private foundations. CESAME's mission is to foster excellence in science and mathematics education through grants, information seminars and workshops, and curriculum showcases. CESAME's Teacher Innovation Program (TIP) has supported classroom teachers as they create and implement new teaching strategies and curricula for science and mathematics. CESAME's Statewide Implementation Program (SIP) has fostered the implementation of previously developed and field-tested mathematics and science curricula by providing financial support and technical assistance to schools and districts across the state. The five-year IMPACT project strives to accelerate the implementation of standards-based instructional materials throughout New England.

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published: 09/03/1998
posted to site: 09/03/1998