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Is it Good for the Kids? Focus On ... U.S. Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA); Congress Deliberates ESEA Reauthorization

description: "The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), first passed in 1965, was part of a larger effort in the United States to attack poverty at its core. Financial assistance was provided as categorical aid targeted toward areas with high concentrations of poverty, not as general federal aid to solve financial problems of schools or school districts. This is still the most significant portion of ESEA and is called Title I. The purpose of Title I has always been to provide programs for children designated as educationally deprived. The reauthorization of ESEA during this 107th Congress continues the focus on categorical aid but with some program consolidation and significant changes in program requirements and accountability measures-including the use of tests to determine ongoing federal support in "failing" schools."

Features of this site include comparisons on key issues between the House and Senate versions of the reauthorization, updates and explanations when resolutions occur, and links to additional resources. Of particular interest to data users are three areas: testing, accountability, school improvement.

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published: 09/07/2001
posted to site: 09/07/2001