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03/10/2000 Statewide Professional Development Conference: Useful Strategy for Learning or Inefficient Use of Resources? EPAA Bredeson, Paul, Scribner, Jay
09/12/2002 Principal Internships: Five Tips for a Successful And Rewarding Experience PDK Gray, Theresa I.
07/25/2002 Connected Teacher Electronic Sch. Joiner, Lottie L.
08/07/2003 Leading for Learning: Reflective Tools for School and District Leaders CTP Knapp, Michael S., Copland, Michael A., Talbert, Joan E.
12/07/2001 Electronic Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Educators LAB LAB at Brown, BBN, National School Network, TERC, TEECH
04/07/2000 Transcript of Kay Merseth's presentation PI Mtg. present. Merseth, Kay
03/02/2001 Learning To Lead, Leading To Learn: Improving school quality through principal professional development NSDC NSDC
06/23/2000 Critical Supports for Elementary Science Reform: Top Ten Action Items for Superintendents Inverness Res. St. John, Mark
07/23/1999 Principals Of Educational Reform: Supporting Mathematics And Science Teaching In Your School -- A Handbook For Elementary And Middle School Principals Inverness Res. St. John, Mark, Carroll, Becky, Century, Jeanne, Eggers-Pierola, Constanza, Houghton, Nina, Jennings, Sybillyn, Tibbitts, Felisa
05/05/2000 Development of Professional Developers: Learning to Assist Teachers in New Settings in New Ways HER Stein, Mary Kay, Smith, Margaret Schwan, Silver, Edward A.