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Careers and Mobility, Retention

04/18/2003 Recruiting, Preparing and Retaining High Quality Teachers: An Empirical Synthesis EPSL Alex Molnar
02/27/2003 District carves out time for new teachers to learn NSDC Beerer, Karen
07/28/2004 Recruiting and Retaining "Highly Qualified Teachers" for Hard-to-Staff Schools NASSP Bulletin Berry, Barnett
08/07/2003 Schools that Teachers Choose Ed. Leadership Birkeland, Sarah E.
01/05/2001 Morale matters: when teachers feel good about their work, student achievement rises ASBJ Black, Susan
10/12/2001 Solving the Dilemmas of Teacher Supply, Demand, and Standards: How We Can Ensure a Competent, Caring, and Qualified Teacher for Every Child NCTAF Darling-Hammond, Linda
01/31/2003 Quality Counts 2003: 'If I Can't Learn From You Ed Week Ed Week
02/18/2000 Quality Counts 2000 Ed. Week Education Week
10/19/2001 Teacher Burnout: Assumptions, Myths, and Issues TCR Farber, Barry A.
09/03/1999 High School Staff Characteristics and Mathematics Test Results EPAA Fetler, Mark
05/03/2001 Teacher Change ENC Focus Fullan, Michael, Hargreaves, Andy
04/18/2003 Teaching: From 'A Nation at Risk' to a Profession at Risk? Harvard Ed. Letter Grossman, Pam
09/05/2003 Emotional Geographies of Teaching TCR Hargreaves, Andrew
10/31/2003 Reflections on Reform: A Former Teacher Looks at School Change and the Factors that Shape It TCR Hinde, Elizabeth
01/25/2002 Performance Pay for Teachers: The Standards Movement's Last Stand? PDK Holt, Maurice
10/19/2001 Professional Life Cycle of Teachers TCR Huberman, Michael
10/12/2001 Teacher Turnover, Teacher Shortages, and the Organization of Schools CTP Ingersoll, Richard M.
04/27/2001 Leadership for Student Learning: Redefining the Teacher as Leader. IEL Institute for Educational Leadership
08/07/2003 Schools that Teachers Choose Ed. Leadership Johnson, Susan Moore, Birkeland, Sarah E.
09/17/1999 Better Teachers, Better Schools Thomas B. Ford. Kanstoroom, Marci, Finn, Chester E.
09/05/2003 Lost at Sea': New Teachers' Experiences with Curriculum and Assessment TCR Kauffman, David, Johnson, Susan Moore, Kardos, Susan M., Liu, Edward, Peske, Heather G.
12/05/2003 Constraining Elementary Teachers' Work: Dilemmas and Paradoxes Created by State Mandated Testing EPAA Mathison, Sandra, Freeman, Melissa
12/20/2002 Learning to Discipline PDK Metzger, Margaret
10/03/2003 National Crisis or Localized Problems? Getting Perspective on the Scope and Scale of the Teacher Shortage EPAA Murphy, Patrick, DeArmond, Michael, Guin, Kacey
09/05/2002 Stitching new teachers into the school's fabric NSDC Pardini, Priscilla
08/07/2003 Web Wonders: Keeping Good Teachers Ed. Leadership Perkins-Gough, Deborah
06/27/2002 Positive or Negative? NSDC Peterson, Kent D.
04/02/1999 Playing Their Parts: What Parents and Teachers Really Mean by Parental Involvement Public Agenda Public Agenda
03/30/2001 Just waiting to be asked Public Agenda Public Agenda Online
11/05/1998 Teachers Can Be Leaders of Change Sch. Team Inn. Richardson, Joan
04/02/1998 Honor Teachers Hands On! Ruopp, Richard R.
10/05/2001 Teachers Who Grow as Collaborative Leaders: The Rocky Road of Support EPAA Sawyer, Richard D.
08/30/2001 I love teaching but...' International Patterns of Discontent EPAA Scott, Catherine, Stone, Barbara, Dinham, Steve
10/29/1998 Teachers Leading the Way: Voices from the National Teacher Forum ED Online US DOE
08/27/1998 Trying to Beat the Clock: Uses of Teacher Professional Time in 3 Countries U.S. DOE US Dept of Education
06/05/2003 Toward a Theory of Teacher Community TCR Woolworth, Stephen, Wineburg, Sam, Grossman, Pamela
12/03/1998 Supports and Barriers to Teacher Leadership: Reports of Teacher Leaders AERA Zinn, Lynn F.