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07/28/2004 Reflections on History and Quality Education CTP Kantor, Harvey, Lowe, Robert
05/21/2004 Towards a Theory of School Leadership Practice: Implications of a Distributed Perspective Journal of Curriculum Studies Spillane, J., Halverson, R., Diamond, J.
04/29/2004 Coaching moves beyond the gym: Successful site-based coaching offers lessons JSD Galm, Ruth, Perry Jr., George S.
08/07/2003 Leading for Learning: Reflective Tools for School and District Leaders CTP Knapp, Michael S., Copland, Michael A., Talbert, Joan E.
07/24/2003 Sustaining Leadership PDK Hargreaves, Andrew, Fink, Dean
09/12/2002 Principal Internships: Five Tips for a Successful And Rewarding Experience PDK Gray, Theresa I.
09/05/2002 Stitching new teachers into the school's fabric NSDC Pardini, Priscilla
06/07/2002 Hard Questions About Practice Ed. Leadership Elmore, Richard F.
10/05/2001 Teachers Who Grow as Collaborative Leaders: The Rocky Road of Support EPAA Sawyer, Richard D.
08/17/2001 Coaching Isn't Just For Athletes: The Role of Teacher Leaders PDK Guiney, Ellen
08/17/2001 Leadership in Education: Five Commonalities PDK Goldberg, Mark F.
04/27/2001 Leadership for Student Learning: Redefining the Teacher as Leader. IEL Institute for Educational Leadership
03/02/2001 Learning To Lead, Leading To Learn: Improving school quality through principal professional development NSDC NSDC
03/02/2001 Superintendents for the 21st Century: It's Not Just a Job, It's a Calling PDK Houston, Paul
01/14/1999 Contributions of the CSMPs to Teacher Leaders Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
01/14/1999 Nature of Teacher Leadership: Lessons Learned from the California Subject Matter Projects Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
01/14/1999 Work of CSMP Teacher Leaders: A Summary of Key Findings From a Statewide Survey Inverness Res. Inverness Research Associates
12/17/1998 Assessing the Prospects for Teacher Leadership Teachers Coll. Warren Little, Judith
12/17/1998 Teacher Leadership: Ideology and Practice Teachers Coll. Lieberman, A., Saxl, E. R., Miles, M. B.
12/03/1998 Supports and Barriers to Teacher Leadership: Reports of Teacher Leaders AERA Zinn, Lynn F.
11/12/1998 Challenge and Promise of K-8 Science Education Reform: CSE Center for Science Education (CSE)
11/05/1998 Everyone Benefits When Teachers Lead Sch. Team Inn. Hirsh, Stephanie
11/05/1998 Teachers Can Be Leaders of Change Sch. Team Inn. Richardson, Joan
10/29/1998 Teachers Leading the Way: Voices from the National Teacher Forum ED Online US DOE