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04/18/2003 Recruiting, Preparing and Retaining High Quality Teachers: An Empirical Synthesis EPSL Alex Molnar
04/18/2002 Research: Focusing In on Teachers Ed. Week Archer, Jeff
10/10/2002 Effectiveness of 'Teach for America' and Other Under-certified Teachers on Student Academic Achievement: A Case of Harmful Public Policy EPAA Berliner, David C.
07/28/2004 Recruiting and Retaining "Highly Qualified Teachers" for Hard-to-Staff Schools NASSP Bulletin Berry, Barnett
04/06/2001 Constructing Outcomes in Teacher Education: Policy, Practice and Pitfalls EPAA Cochran-Smith, Marilyn
10/24/2002 Research and Rhetoric on Teacher Certification: A Response to 'Teacher Certification Reconsidered EPAA Darling-Hammond, Linda
10/12/2001 Solving the Dilemmas of Teacher Supply, Demand, and Standards: How We Can Ensure a Competent, Caring, and Qualified Teacher for Every Child NCTAF Darling-Hammond, Linda
10/15/1999 Teacher Learning That Supports Student Learning Ed. Leadership Darling-Hammond, Linda
03/17/2000 Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence EPAA Darling-Hammond, Linda
02/27/2003 Variation in Teacher Preparation: How Well Do Different Pathways Prepare Teachers to Teach? Journal of Teacher Ed. Darling-Hammond, Linda, Chung, Ruth, Frelow, Fred
10/15/1998 Promising Practices: New Ways to Improve Teacher Quality DOE Department of Education
02/18/2000 Quality Counts 2000 Ed. Week Education Week
08/06/1998 Promoting Student Inquiry Science Teach. Edwards, Clifford H.
09/03/1999 High School Staff Characteristics and Mathematics Test Results EPAA Fetler, Mark
09/12/2002 Principal Internships: Five Tips for a Successful And Rewarding Experience PDK Gray, Theresa I.
04/18/2003 Teaching: From 'A Nation at Risk' to a Profession at Risk? Harvard Ed. Letter Grossman, Pam
09/17/1999 Better Teachers, Better Schools Thomas B. Ford. Kanstoroom, Marci, Finn, Chester E.
04/20/2001 Teacher Test Accountability: From Alabama to Massachusetts EPAA Ludlow, Larry H.
12/20/2002 Learning to Discipline PDK Metzger, Margaret
07/11/2002 Educating Student Teachers to Teach in a Constructivist Way - Can it all be done? TCR Mintrop, Heinrich
10/29/1999 Students Learning Science NCES NCES
02/25/1999 TEACHER QUALITY: A Report on Teacher Preparation and Qualifications of Public School Teachers Ed. Leadership National Center for Education Statistics
01/16/2003 Something is Missing from Teacher Education: Attention to Two Genders PDK Sanders, Jo
05/03/2005 No Time To Waste: The Vital Role of College and University Leaders in Improving Science and Mathematics Education ECS, US Dept. Ed Sanders, Ted
11/02/2001 From High School to Teaching: Many Steps, Who Makes It? TCR Vegas, Emiliana, Murnane, Richard J., Willett, John B.
10/24/2002 Studies Say Students Learn More From Licensed Teachers Ed Week Viadero, Debra