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How to obtain the required 80% rate of response on...

Issue Addressed:

How to obtain the required 80% rate of response on teacher questionnaires


The evaluator and assistant evaluator organized the teacher questionnaire distribution so that school principals distributed the questionnaires and their office managers collected the sealed questionnaires. Principals are involved in the systemic reform project in an on-going manner through Administrator Academies so it made sense to include them in the evaluation process. The principals were introduced to the NSF requirements at an academy so that they understood the purpose of the questionnaires. Some schools in the project operate on a year-round schedule where one-quarter of the teachers are on vacation at any one-time. We felt that having principals take charge of introducing and distributing the questionnaires when it was convenient for each school, was the most efficient way to give the questionnaires to the teachers. The teacher facilitators encouraged their colleagues to see the questionnaire as an opportunity to have their voices and feedback heard. We distributed a one-page, optional, open-ended questionnaire in addition to the teacher questionnaire and had 240 of the 300 teachers respond. We feel that having school personnel involved in the process helped with the successful response rate.

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Martha Allexsaht-Snider, 1/10/1998


Impact Of LSCs' Progress



1. I agree that questionnaire return needs to be managed, at...