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Learning to Love Logarithms

author: Loretta Kelley
description: From the paper: "One night I was watching “The West Wing” and two characters were sparring verbally (about football?). One of them had gone to Berkeley and one to Princeton. The Princeton grad said, “My tigers can beat your bears anytime.” And the Berkeley grad replied, “At what, logarithms?” If math is a metaphor for things arcane and obscure and incomprehensible, not to mention boring, then logarithms exemplify that.

I want to talk today about logarithms and how they have been important historically in mathematics and how they are important in mathematics today for an entirely different reason (which I find very intriguing). I believe that, just as we can have more success in helping students learn mathematics if we make it more meaningful and interesting, we can help students learn this somewhat intimidating topic if we put it in a context they can understand."

presented at: NCTM Conference, April 2003
posted to site: 06/12/2003
Click this link to read the paper: "Learning to Love Logarithms"

NOTE: This is a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this, you can download it for free at the Adobe site by clicking on this ADOBE link.