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06/12/2003 Learning to Love Logarithms Kelley, Loretta
05/21/2002 Game of Pig Merlino, F.
04/06/2001 Brain Voyager: An interactive adventure game in brain biology for teenagers. DeHaan, Robert, West, J.P., Aldag, J.M., Crocker, R.
07/09/1999 Local Systemic Change Network: From Policy to Enactment Falk, Joni, Drayton, Brian
03/03/1999 Rubenstein 1999 Keynote Address Rubenstein, Daniel I.
02/18/1999 Language Acquisition Through Science Inquiry Language Acquisition in Science Education for Rural Schools (LASERS)
02/18/1999 NSTA Program on Sustaining Systemic Reform in K-8 Science Education NSTA
02/18/1999 Supporting the Implementation of Inquiry-based Elementary Science Programs Lumpe, Andrew T., Czerniak, Charlene, Haney, Jodi, Shawberry, Jason
02/11/1999 Assessing Students' Science Learning: A Multi-faceted Approach Stearns, Carole
02/11/1999 How Do We Integrate Multiple Approaches to Assessing Student Performance in Inquiry Classrooms? Asset Teacher Enhancement Program
02/03/1999 Core Evaluation and the Cross-Site Report Weiss, Iris
02/03/1999 Welcome to the 1999 PI Meeting
02/03/1999 Making the Process Self-Sustaining Rubenstein, Dr. Daniel
01/28/1999 Keynote Speakers - LSC PI Meeting 1999
01/28/1999 Stages of Change Usiskin, Dr. Zalman
10/21/1998 Analyzing and Evaluating Professional Development Horizon Research, Inc.
10/21/1998 Connecting Effective Instruction and Teachers' Content Knowledge Harmon, Maryellen, Manaster, Alfred
10/21/1998 Continuing to Make the Case Evans, Joyce, Spresser, Diane M.
10/21/1998 Conversation with Maryellen Harmon and Alfred Manaster Harmon, Maryellen, Manaster, Alfred
10/21/1998 Defining Optimal Knowledge for Teaching Science and Mathematics Kennedy, Mary
10/21/1998 Designing Professional Development Harmon, Maryellen, Manaster, Alfred
10/21/1998 Discussion of Cross-Site Report Weiss, Iris R.
10/21/1998 LSC PI/Evaluator 1998 Conference Agenda
10/21/1998 Splintered Vision: An Investigation of U.S. Science and Mathematics Education Schmidt, William H, McKnight, Curtis C., Raizen, Senta A
10/21/1998 Understanding and Improving Classroom Mathematics Instruction Stigler, James W., Hiebert, James
05/07/1998 emerging profile of the mathematical achievement of students in the Core-Plus mathematics project Schoen, Harold, Hirsch, Christian R., Ziebarth, Steven W.
05/07/1998 Students' perceptions and attitudes in a standards-based high school mathematics curriculum Schoen, Harold, Pritchett, Johnette
04/30/1998 Profiling The Personal Agency Belief Patterns Of K - 12 Science Teachers Haney, Jodi, Lumpe, Andrew T.
04/23/1998 Before The Innovation Hits The Classroom: Altering teachers' self-image as an element of teacher enhancement. Falk, Joni, Drayton, Brian
04/16/1998 Stones in the Road: The Impact of Standards-Based Reform on Local Policy, Programs and Practice Noble, Audrey J, Lemahieu, Paul
04/09/1998 Lead Teacher's Role in Making Systemic Change...Various models and perspectives of the Lead Teacher's role in implementing a Hazen Dessecker, Jane, Daulbaugh, Mike, Lewis, David, Miller, David, Varian, Nancy
04/09/1998 NSELA Presentation Abstracts
04/09/1998 PROMISING WEB SITES Fry Bohlin, Carol
04/09/1998 Teacher Enhancement in Mathematics: Essential Components of Effective Professional Development Spresser, Diane M., Evans, Joyce