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author: Carol Fry Bohlin
submitter: Strategies for Teacher Excellence Promoting Student Success (STEPSS)
description: Presented at the NCTM conference, April, 1998.
published: 04/09/1998
posted to site: 04/09/1998

Shared by Carol Fry Bohlin (

For Mathematics Educators

  1. Organizations:

  2. *A great resource for elementary math methods instructors.*

  3. Interested in professional development for math and science teachers? This site was designed for NSF Local Systemic Change grant recipients but contains a plethora of information for all staff developers (resources, papers, practical tips for professional development, vignettes, etc.)

  4. The Math Forum--a great resource for math educators--designed to help you keep informed about math on the Internet. To subscribe to the Math Forum Internet Newsletter, send a message to and write in the body subscribe newsletter Ask Dr. Math Problem of the Week Internet Resources "We've gathered the better Internet resources available for you to use in your classroom and for your professional development. A customized search interface allows easy locating of materials both at our site and elsewhere on the Internet. We offer you: Highlighted Math Forum projects and activities, Problems and puzzles, Lesson plan sites and units, Fun sites for kids, Software, Discussion groups for teachers, Articles and publications, and Professional organizations."

  5. "Internet Center for K-12 math problems"

  6. or Information on the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). Also check for "Tools for Discussion: Attaining Excellence Through TIMSS." This project is also available free on CD-ROM.

  7. "NAEP on the Net"--Includes the "Report in Brief: National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 1994 Trends in Academic Progress"--comes from the National Center for Education Statistics

  8. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. For links to math/science standards and reform articles/documents, use

  9. KaleidoTile: Downloadable geometry software: polyhedra--color, sound--excellent! A great instructional aid!

  10. Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project; "The Guide to Math and Science Reform," science and math initiatives, and more!

  11. Math education reform conversations

  12. Home of "Mathematically Correct." Anti-math reform conversations, articles, references, etc. For updates, check <..... mathman/whatsnew.htm>. Other related sites are HOLD's (Honest Open Logical Debate):, (Where's the Math?"), and "The Truth About Math Standards and Math Reform:

  13. Gender equity in math and science education

  14. A great resource for polyomino information/activities

  15. A glossary of mathematics terms

  16. A collection of math quotations (83 pages)!

  17. Math-related cartoons!

For Educators:

  1. The Chronicle of Higher Education online

  2. Education Week on the Web: "American Education's Online Newspaper of Record"; site contains an abundance of information for the professional educator: Education Week; Teacher Magazine; Education Week archives--all articles since 1989; The Daily News--the best articles written about education each day in newspapers around the country; "In Context"--education jargon explained, promising web sites, best-selling education titles; "Special Reports"

  3. The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development's home page. Contains Educational Leadership online and updates about ASCD programs, products, services, and more.

  4. Daily Report Card: A summary of news in K-12 education--particularly education reform--produced three times a week and sponsored by the National Education Goals Panel.

  5. Teaching & Technology's web page

  6. Scholastic Place--freebies for teachers and students, and lots more! The Educator's Web Guide

  7. Classroom projects, collaboration opportunities, school Web pages; also see

  8. Chat online with teachers from around the world!

  9. ERIC database on-line, along with exemplary lesson plans, and ITV teachers' guides

  10. Information to help get your school online

  11. Funding source for future activities. They'll send out messages according to your interest area.

For Everyone

  1. Looking for someone? If they have a listed phone number, "PeopleFind" will locate them for you! Want to find out their internet address rather than their mailing address? Try You may also want to try

  2. TRAVEL: Locate the best airline connections and fares! is also a great site to locate hotels and flights and to see if flights are on time. Get directions, maps, flight & hotel information, and a lot more! Creates personalized and comprehensive driving itineraries! Maps out trips of < 1000 miles; points out "Really Important Landmarks" Flight information for all major airline carriers is a related site--a great jumping off place for a plethora of information related to American Airlines--airplane seating charts, route maps, etc.

  3. Complete four-day forecast for over 6000 cities! Great site!

  4. Virtual field trips of Hawaii!

  5. The New York Times online--one of many papers online; searchable.

  6. Medical Matrix: Guide to internet clinical medicine resources; has a link to Medline and thousands of articles on diseases and medical specialties.

  7. Legislative updates, Congressional Record, historical documents, committee information, U.S. Government internet resources, etc.

  8. The FamilyFinder /index is the place to start genealogy research. It contains over 153 million names; about 20% of people who have ever lived in the US are listed.

  9. and What is your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? Take the test and get your results back quickly!

  10. Lets you design and send web-based greeting cards to your friends! "Meta-site" for free virtual greeting cards!

  11. or Send a "virtual" flower bouquet via e-mail (free of charge!), as well as order real flowers and plants.

  12. An incredible site, with links to reference books, thesauri, zip code directories, colleges & universities, Books in Print, city info, tax forms, moon phases, etc. Another great overall site is B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper -