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Discussion: How do you effectively share your vision? Modes of Communication within your LSC.

dates: 10/24/2001 - 12/20/2001
description: LSCs have many constituencies within the district that need to buy in, in order for the goals of the LSC to be achieved. These constituencies include superintendents, principals, science and math coordinators, lead teachers and all the rest of the teachers. How are the goals of the project communicated and shared between these constituencies, beyond summer workshops?

The discussion will explore how the different constituencies within your project communicate with each other and what they communicate about? Some LSCs have a hierarchical model from PI to Lead Teacher to a larger cadre of lead teachers to a whole population of teachers. In pyramids, the information often flows from top to bottom. Are there mechanisms in place in some LSCs to encourage collaboration both "bottom up" and "side to side?" We would like to explore models of creating communities of learners within your LSCs and tools that you may use to make this happen. We will also spend some time exploring whether or not a web based collaboration tool such as LSC-Net would be helpful for supporting communication within a project.

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