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Discussion: Preparing for the summer workshop

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posted by: Linda Gregg on May 11, 1998 at 9:17PM
subject: challenges
My name is Linda Gregg and I am the PI for the LSC MASE II program, Las
Vegas, NV. Six teachers are on special assignment facilitate sessions,
work in classrooms, and with teacher leaders and also do much more. There
are 147 K-5 schools in the district -- about 40 in the project next year.
The project is dependent on quality teacher leaders. With year round
schools - we are having trouble finding a time to collect all the leaders
for common experiences to deepen understandings--as Melodee Davis mentioned
there are all levels of expertise and commitment. It is extremely
challenging to maintain involvement over time so teachers reach
necessarylevels of expertise as leader/facilitators to provide
quality/challenging sessions. We find that newer leaders are signing
up--but not the more experienced leaders. We still seem to be changing the
culture--trying to move toward indepth knowledge on multiple levels. It
seems to be a catch 22--leaders need to be in classrooms working with
children and at the same time teachers on special assignment have the focus
and time to continue to learn and the energy to lead sessions--and we do
not have enough teachers on special assignment.

If anyone is using the Horizon Protocol (for classroom and/or professional
development)as part of professional development (for teachers and/or
leaders), please share how you set that up.

Many thanks, Linda

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