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Discussion: What have we learned so far about teacher enhancement and student learning from our experience running our LSCs?

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posted by: Joni Falk on January 4, 2000 at 5:00PM
subject: Let us begin the LSC-Net discussion
Welcome to LSC-Nets pre-conference discussion "What have we learned so far
about teacher enhancement and student learning from our experience running
our LSCs?" This discussion will last for three weeks and will focus on
research (formal and informal) that is being conducted by LSC projects in
addition to the Core Evaluation. LSC projects are not research projects per
se, however for many projects research as has been an integral component.
While all projects are involved in collecting standardized data for the Core
Evaluation, many projects have been pursuing other research questions
pertaining to effective practices for teacher professional development and
student learning. This research may be being performed by project staff and
evaluators, and may be informed by others work.

Ideally, LSC projects both feed on and produce research insights. Is that
true of your project? If so, what questions are you asking? What research
are you relying on? What use are you making of any systematic results from
your own, the core evaluation or others' research to modify your program?

So to begin this discussion, please introduce yourself (and your project).
Lets begin by sharing one research question that has been intriguing your
project and perhaps describing how you have been conducting research (or
collecting research of others) on this topic. I would imagine that many
posts will address either issues related to professional development or
student learning. If so, you may want to use these as headers in the subject

I know that many of you subscribed hoping to read the insights of others,
but please take the time to post as well. If each of you do not post there
will be little to read or discuss. Presently there are 25 participants in
this discussion group from 22 LSC projects. I have listed the names below,
so that you will know who you are conversing with. (If you do not see the
name of a colleague on the list , who you would like to hear from, please
encourage them to sign on.) Project directors may want to ask the evaluators
on their team to also join. As always LSC-Net discussions are respectful and
welcoming of all opinions and ideas, and an opinion does NOT need to
represent your entire project in order for you to post it. So let us begin.
I look forward to hearing from each of you. Joni Falk

Thanks to the following people for joining this discussion :
Martha Allexsaht-Snider
Monica Boswell Mitchell
Richard H. Comfort
Andy Cook
Brian Drayton
Francis Eberle
Pat Ehrman
Jane Hazen Dessecker
Kathy Hollowell
Jan Hustler
Michael Klentschy
Pam Kraus
Mona Kunselman
Jon Manon
Mack McCary
Kay Merseth
Edward Nartowitz
Marian Pasquale
Wayne Patty
Gail Diane Paulin
Beth Ritsema
Dennis Schatz
Laura Van Zoest
Molly H. Weinburgh
Janie West

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