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Discussion: Developing and discussing classroom assessment strategies

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posted by: Rich Mathews on March 3, 2000 at 10:03AM
subject: My name is Richard Mathews and I am Assistant Director
My name is Richard Mathews and I am Assistant Director of Science for the
Pittsburgh Public Schools. My colleague, Diane Briars, has had success in
reforming mathematics in our district through the LSC PRIME (Pittsburgh's
Reform in Mathematics Education). She has established an assessment system
using formative assessments at the classroom level with the Everyday
Mathematics and Connected Mathematics Programs. The New Standards Reference
Exam is used as an external tool to validate the results.

Currently in science we are using FOSS K- 5. We are in the process of
building a middle school program composed of FOSS, Event-Based Science,
SEPUP, and FACETS. Each of these programs have embedded assessments and the
TIMSS Release Tasks would also serve as a collection of assessments.
Following the same model as mathematics we are searching for an external
summative evaluation. Currently we are reviewing PASS The Partnership for
the Assessment of Standards-Based Science from WestEd.

My goal is to establish a science assessment system which assesses the
conceptual understanding of students K-12 in selected concepts.

Looking forward to the discussion.
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