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Discussion: Developing and discussing classroom assessment strategies

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posted by: Brian Drayton on March 20, 2000 at 9:18AM
subject: This discussion has been very rich!
This discussion has been very rich! The subscriber list includes about 62
people from 37 different projects. Of these, 9 people have sent in a
I'd like to encourage those who have not yet posted to join in,
picking up on one of the themes that seem important to you, or raising one
that perhaps has not yet surfaced.
Two important themes that are interesting me are [1] good questions, and
where they come from, and [2] changing classroom or school culture.
[1] Good questions: Paul has mentioned the "question stem" idea, and Greg
Kniseley has reported some first experiments. It would be interesting to
hear other approaches that have been tried in your projects; also, some of
the criteria that havebeen developed to assess particular subject areas, and
how that has worked out. I have been surprised sometimes when teachers tell
me that they are surprised 50% of the time by student performances...
[2] Paul wrote that to work, the formative approach requires a classroom
that has the time to reflect on the teacher's comments, and take those
comments into the student talk (self- and peer-assessment). Who has some
experiences related to thiskind of cultural change, at the classroom or
school level?

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