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Discussion: Developing and discussing classroom assessment strategies

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posted by: Paul Black on April 5, 2000 at 5:26PM
subject: closing message
I'm grateful to all those who contributed. I learnt valuable new ideas, and
about useful new resources. The challenge of responding against the
background of my talk made me think of things I meant to say, or should have
said, but also challenged me to think through some things I hadn't thought
through previously.

Formative assessment is an undeveloped field, and its heartening for me to
see that there are others out there who are on a rewarding learning
curve,just as I am myself. If any of you want to take points further in the
future, either to ask questions or to share lessons, please e-mail me at @

So I'm grateful to all for the opportunity, and to Brian and the others at
TERC for guiding me through a process and a role that were both new to me.
Best wishes to all.

Paul Black

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