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Discussion: Developing classroom-based assessments and using them in professional development.

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posted by: Eric Hart on May 24, 1998 at 5:51PM
subject: lsc-classroom-assessment Digest for 19 May 1998
Regarding the message below about the PRIME-TEAM evaluation (for
students using the Core-Plus high school math curriculum), we have found
that it is crucial to have as broad a spectrum of evaluation results as
possible. For example, standardized tests (we use the Iowa Test of
Educational Development, ACT, SAT, and NAEP items); tests that go beyond
the content and processes found on the standardized tests,including more
problem solving and conceptual understanding, and content in
probability, statistics, and discrete mathematics (project-constructed
tests); and attitude measures (project-constructed tests). These data
are complemented by more qualitative data from things like student
interviews and portfolios. It's interesting that even though the results
are all quite positive (whew!), a "no-difference" on ACT, or, as
mentioned in the message below, a one-year shortfall in procedural
algebra (even though it turns around after 2 years) will still be the
results most often picked up. At least with a full battery of evaluation
results it is easier to address concerns.


Eric Hart
Western Michigan University and
Maharishi University of Management
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