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Discussion: Developing classroom-based assessments and using them in professional development.

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posted by: Sabra Lee on June 29, 1998 at 8:53AM
subject: re Susan Friel
I was just catching up on the messages and thinking about the cases in
DMI in particular, since I work with DMI. I have talked with
facilitators who have used the cases from DMI in workshops and courses,
and also those who have use the entire curriculum. I think that doing
the math in the DMI curriculum is perhaps as important as working with
the cases in order to help teachers understand the importance of
attending to student thinking - The process of examining their own
mathematical thinking, questioning their own assumptions about number
and operations and recognizing the variety of approaches and strategies
that other teachers in the seminar use is often the bridge to realizing
that their students also have many different ways of thinking about
problems as well as the necessity of paying attention to them.

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