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Discussion: Developing classroom-based assessments and using them in professional development.

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posted by: Brian Drayton on July 6, 1998 at 9:43AM
subject: 4 queries in conclusion
4 queries in conclusion

Dear TEECH discussion subscriber:
You were a participant in a recent TEECH-LSC discussion group. We would
like to know a little more about how these groups get used, so we'd
appreciate it if you could answer a few questions about this. You can
just REPLY to this message with your answers. Thanks very much.
-- Brian Drayton

1. What ideas or information from the discussion were useful to you?

2. Did you share messages or information from the discussion with others
on your project staff?

3. If your uses of the discussion did not include posting to it, what
were some reasons why you did not post?

4. Do you participate in other email or web-based discussion groups?

5. Do you have suggestions for future LSC discussion topics? Do you
have advice for future moderators?

Thanks again for helping with this.
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